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In our region, society starts to understand, that intangible assets are as important as tangible ones. These assets are important factors for companies’ competitive success. Many companies need to manage their portfolio of intellectual property. In coping with this task, priority is given to remedies that help protect intellectual property.

Our law firm offers a comprehensive range of IP and IT services;

Formation of contracts on transmitting rights of IP object to another entity, relevant negotiations.
Franchising agreements, copyright agreements, trademarks, contracts on processing software.
Contracts on know-how and transmitting confidential information
Legal audit of IP objects, including for the purpose of investment programs.
Transmitting IP objects in the scope of companies’ reorganization.
Use of rights for IP objects throughout import and export of goods.
Consulting on customs formulation of goods containing IP objects.
Services in connection with registration and defense of trademarks, as well as certification of inventions, useful models and industrial models.
Formation and research of distributorship and agency contracts and contracts on provision of services related to defense of IT objects
Consulting in the scope of Law regulating advertisements and e-advertisements

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