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Procurement Complaint Commission satisfies HAP’s claim

Procurement Complaint Commission satisfied HAP’s claim on October 16.

Earlier the Commission has examined the claim submitted by HAP on behalf of Medisar (the leader in chemical materials supply market in Armenia) concerning violations of procurement regulations compliance and procedures by a state agency.

HAP’s client was denied in access to procurement, but won back as Commission announced the results of the tender as void due to violations of procurement procedures.

Presentation on Corporations Law at the Chamber of Advocates

Hayk Hovhannisyan made a presentation on Armenian Corporations Law at the Chamber of Advocates.

The event was dedicated to hosting of French Lawyers Associations “Droit et Commerce” at the Chamber. 67 colleagues from France were present. His excellency designated ambassador of France Mr. Jonathan Lacote was present at the event.

Hayk has made a historical excursion back from 1990s when after collapse of Soviet Union state enterprises had to face new reality of market economy and big companies have been transformed into joint – stock companies with hundreds and thousands of workers, engineers and administrative staff becoming shareholders in result of privatization.

Evolution of Armenian corporations law have been presented. Current joint-stock company structure has been named as hybrid of common and continental laws.

Hayk presented the challenges of newly emerged public and private corporations and how shareholders have been learning to co-inhabit in new realities. Further, the tools for financing have been presented and comparison with French Société Anonymes and SAS was conducted.

At the end of his speech, Hayk mentioned crowd-funding and ICO as new realities lawyers are facing and ways of transforming of current legal entities to meet new trends of 21st century.

Retreat of Armenian Mediators SRO in Tsaghkadzor

Self-Regulating Organization of Mediators of Armenia will gather its members in Tsaghkadzor Marriott Hotel tomorrow for a week-end retreat, organized by CoE Yerevan Office.

SRO Members (mediators) will discuss strategic plan of the Organization.

Lawyers and mediators of HAP also will take part in the retreat, leaded by HAP’s managing partner Hayk Hovhannisyan, who also chairs the SRO.

Hayk Hovhannisyan on upcoming presidential elections at the Palace of Advocates of Armenia

Hayk Hovhannisyan expressed his opinion on upcoming presidential elections at Palace of Advocates

Standing in roots and rise of modern institution of advocacy in Armenia, Hayk expressed his strong opinion that advocates role has increased significantly and advocacy plays important role in shaping modern Armenia’s civil society.

The Legal 500: Top Tier 2016

As of April 13, 2016 “Hovhannisyan and partners” has been ranked in the Legal 500 latest edition covering Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Amongst other firms ranked by the guide in Armenian legal market “Hovhannisyan and partners” has been portrayed as ‘weighty’, providing ‘punctual advice in a timely manner with the quality of services at a master level’. Managing partner Hayk Hovhannisyan has been ranked as a Recommended lawyer in the guide and described with qualities worded by clients such as ‘responsive, open, and loyal’.