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Karen Karapetyan
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Karen Karapetyan is one of the customs law leading experts in Armenia. His practical background and academic knowledge of the flied are rarely blended and balanced.
Mr. Karapetyan has an extensive work practice in different Customs bodies in Armenia, including leading its legal department and has a special title of customs service lieutenant colonel. Karen graduated from YSU Law and continued his education in Customs Academy in Russia.
Karen’s academic activity includes lecturing Customs, Tax and Administrative Law in the French University of Armenia, Customs Service Educational Center of Armenia and in the Public Administration Academy of Armenia.
Throughout his career, Karen has been actively involved in interdepartmental working groups on different levels, focused, among other things, on customs law fine-tuning, money anti-laundering and fight with terrorism financing issues.
In October of 2013 Karen has been hosted by World Customs Organization in its Brussels HQ, where he made a speech on the main issues in defending intellectual property rights under the customs law spectrum during an international forum.
Together with departmental and interdepartmental work groups he participated in works of synchronizing legal norms on customs regulations breaches, including IP rights component and harmonization of legal acts between Customs Union and the Republic of Armenia.
Karen is a co-author of the Governments’ Decision No 1525 from 25.12.14 and other drafts of legal acts.

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